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Member since: June 23, 2007
Last visit: December 2, 2013
Name: David
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Location: Tilburg (Noord-Brabant)
Country: Netherlands
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Let's Get it Started
Fav. Video: Don't Lie
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category: BEP | July 21 | @931 | comments comments(3)

I wish them the greatest times and rest they deserve it !!!!! But personally im sooo confused about it and emotional, cuz bep changed really my whole life, i REALLY think, if the bep werent there, i would be another person, in VERY negative way... Cuz i felt hopeless, even when i knew the bep, it was going VERY bad with me, nobody knew at the moment, but i had no plans for my future (i can say it another way but i dont wanna use those words cuz it hurt me inside) my grandma and grandpa died, my mom became sick, my brother was going crazy (agressive, he is normal again ), im bisexual without Ferg video i would be still the same as i was: scared of death about my future, but i...

Making BEP paintings, block-paintings (The beginning style) & waiting for songs to come out!!!! :D:D:D
category: BEP
comments comments(3)
added on: 09/25 @549


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Published on: 03/01/2012

BEP in my agenda

BEP in my agenda

Published on: 10/22/2011

To Katy

To Katy

Published on: 10/22/2011

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01/12/13 @463
thanks for the comment
05/16/12 @031
It's ok. Thank!:)
04/12/12 @684
oh fuck. This HTML sucks.
I will just add you.
04/12/12 @683
Avatar" target="_blank"> << my MSN bro.
Add me if you wish
04/11/12 @792
Fuck, I`m not doing good.. .laaaaahhh, long story haha
OMG get ready, boy.
I hope you`ll do good :)
But don`t stress, exams are only tests.. just a bit harder haha :)

04/10/12 @306
Aye bro :) How are you and how have you been? :)

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The Peas are...

...Cool in every way.


...Adorable, like the Baby Peas.




...Genius, to make all these songs, ideas, even the Baby Peas, the pixelated Peas and all the themes.

...Sexy, seriously not only Fergie is hot<3

...They have respect for the people who they love, they love everyone, if you can respect them, they will respect you.

...One big tornado, every time, when you watch their new videos/photos you are like: ''omg, this is sooo freaking cool & original!''

...Original, no band, no person, no group EVER is as big as they are now, created so many original ideas & projects.

...Helpfull, they help people in poverty, people who lost other people, to believe in what you are, to dont give a damn to stupid people who want to get you down, to believe in yourself all the time & to believe in your strength, cuz you have the power to get through everything. & Ferg with her 'anti-breastcancer' shoes

...Beautiful & rare voices, there isnt a voice sooo rare as Ferg's voice (in VERY positive way) its not that kinda voice like an oprah-singer, its not the ''perfect'' voice like every other big female singer has, no, its the most SPECIAL VOICE i ever heard and thats way better than the biggest stars with their ''perfect'' and too ''normal'' voices.

...Trendy, look at them, they're so fashionable! Yeah sometimes people will think: ''I think is gay'' cuz he wear ''colourfull/not gangster clothes'' but he is like: i dont give a damn, i wear what i want to wear! Thats the spirit!!

...Love&Peace for everyone!

...Phenomenal musiclovers ofcourse, with their hits, songs, videos, dvd's, concerts, benefit concerts, tours, festivals, dj-sets, albums, solo-albums & singles: they are phenomenal!<3

...Their own shoeline, Ferg&Tab with their own shoes!

...will's clothingline!

...will's MusicGroup!

...apl's Jeepney Music!

...Ferg with her own parfumes: Outspoken, Outspoken Intenste & Viva!

...Fergie with her own nailvernish & make-up (Wet ´n Wild)

...Voli Vodka Low Calory Vodka

...Ferguson Crest

...will with his own car

...Peapod foundation!!

...Robotic & oldskool at the same time.

...The cute & cool [BabyPeas]

...And ofcourse their love, trust and respect for all their fans!!!


From Behind the Front to Bridging the Gaps,
from Lost Change to Must B21,
from Elephunk to Monkey Business,
from Songs About Girls to the Dutchess,
from The Energies Never Dies to The Beginning
and from Black Einstein to Zuper Blahq.
<and the future albums from Ferg, Tab&apl and ofcourse the B.E.P.>


[The Black Eyed Peas] / AM / i / UMG
Produced by Brothers in art